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Akira to Zoltan Twenty-six Men Who Changed the World

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Written by Cynthia Chin-Lee (illustrated with Sean Addy) Published by Charlesbridge Publishing, 2006

From The Reviewers:

"Chin-Lee has succeeded in finding representatives from all over the planet to complete her list of world-changers. Also successful are the clever collages that illustrate each man's biography." - Children's Literature
"A quote from each man is incorporated into the lovely mixed-media illustrations that grace every entry....the intriguing and informative text expands upon the general conception of what it means to be famous by focusing on what makes a difference in the world." -School Library Journal

From the publisher:

This companion to the best-selling Amelia to Zora features twenty-six amazing men. From Akira Kurisawa, filmmaker, to Zolt´n Kod´ly, musical innovator, learn what inspired each man to change the world around him. Detailed collages draw from various events in the men's lives.

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