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Valentine Be Mine

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Written by Jacqueline Farmer Published by Charlesbridge, 2013

*Starred Review Publisher's Weekly

From the reviewers:
"This engaging presentation is chock-full of fascinating information. Parts of the book are presented in a scrapbook format, and factual matter is interspersed with mixed-media collage, including vintage photographs and clip art, romantic quotes written on hearts, and hand-drawn images. A couple of craft projects and Valentine jokes add to the fun. This book could be useful for classroom research or just read for enjoyment. A lovely addition to holiday bookshelves." -School Library Journal

"This visually interesting and well-researched book provides the history of Valentine's Day and its romantic associations. Stories, legends, and traditions for young readers, historical facts, jokes, activities, and more are found within these pages that are decorated with collages that offer a feast for the eyes. Craft and construction paper ideas and, of course, the popularity of chocolate attached to this holiday are also part of the treats offered within this book. This nonfiction look at Valentine's Day is a wonderful addition to any classroom or library." -International Reading Association

From the publisher:
Influenced by kings, poets, and religious customs, Valentine's Day has changed over the centuries from its origins in ancient Rome. Readers of all ages will learn the history of Valentine's Day as well as its past and present traditions in this informative dual-level text. The simple and lively text is perfect for story time, while the details provide in-depth information. Includes Valentine Day jokes, fun facts, and two holiday activities.

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