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3 Pandas Planting

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Written by Megan Halsey Published by Aladdin Books, 1999
  • *Textbook Adoption Book! Georgia State Department of Education

From the reviewers:

"This book portrays environmentally responsible behavior as a fun and natural part of describes the impact and importance of each earth-friendly act. This is a book with many potential uses—it is a counting, animal and environmental book, all rolled into one."- Children's Literature
"The illustrations in colored pencil and pastels radiate good humor, concern, and a positive approach to problem solving. A simple, positive look at a complex contemporary issue."- School Library Journal
"A playful environmental lesson...the animal cast demonstrates considerable personality...Colors are joyful, drawings are sharply outlined--and a vital message is vibrantly conveyed."- Publisher's Weekly
"The simply rendered art is as open and cheery as a sunny day."- Kirkus Reviews

From the publisher:

From 12 crocodiles (carpooling) to 11 chimps (changing lightbulbs) to 3 pandas (planting trees), 2 whales (watching for polluters), and 1 elephant (enjoying the earth), this is a visually fun-packed counting book that also brings ideas about ecology and helping the earth.

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