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Annabel Again

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Written by Janice Boland Published by Dial Books for Young Readers, 1995
  • *Children's Choice Award! International Reading Association & the Children's Book Council Joint Committee
    • From the reviewers:

      "Charming pig Annabel, feeling the wanderlust of spring, wants to leave the mud puddle she calls home to find an exciting new place to live. So off she trots, with her mother's blessings, of course. Appealing double-page illustrations in pen and ink, watercolors, and other mediums present the smiling pink pigs and rolling green hills of storybooks. A comfortable and comforting story."- School Library Journal
      "This version of a familiar theme lends itself well to reading aloud, and the simple, amiable pictures have a spring like freshness. It's Annabel's sense of adventure that makes her an appealing protagonist, and fans will enjoy the porcine heroine's second outing."- Booklist

      From the publisher:

      A little pig with a desire to find a new place to live asks a bird, a frog, and a cat why their homes are unique.

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