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Backyard Bear

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Written by Anne Rockwell Published by Walker & Co., 2006

From The Reviewers:

"A good read-aloud for the kindergarten crew, Rockwell's text is simple and straightforward enough for beginning readers. The pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations on toned paper are lovely. This combination of fiction and fact is most appealing. -School Library Journal
"The team's latest collaboration summarizes the story of one small black bear, from his birth to his learning to survive in the wild. Rockwell sweetly introduces readers to the life of a bear...An author's note tells more about black bears, their increasingly frequent sightings and how to keep them out of yards. Halsey uses soft, natural colors of watercolor and ink on tan background paper to evoke a woodsy feel. Her teddy bear-ish depiction of the bears perfectly suits the mood of the text. A good springboard to further research and discussions of habitat loss and animal relocation efforts." -Kirkus Reviews

From the publisher:

Bears belong in the woods—they can find everything they need to survive there. But what happens when people start knocking down trees and building houses where the woods used to be? This young black bear is about to find out. He wakes one spring to find his territory completely changed. When the curious bear dares to come closer and closer to the houses, he discovers backyards and trashcans are an easy place to find food. But it's dangerous for people and bears to live so close together. What will happen when the bear is discovered right in someone's backyard?

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