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Where, Where Is Swamp Bear?

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Written by Kathi Appelt Published by Harper Collins, 2002
  • *Picturebook of the Year! -The Texas Institute of Letters, 2001
  • *Best Children's Books of the Year! Bank Street College of Education
  • *Starred Review! School Library Journal

From the reviewers:

"A child and a grandparent explore the world around them—does this sound like countless other children's books? Well, Swamp Bear is unique.... Halsey's handsome cut-paper work lends a folk-art simplicity to the illustrations. But look closer: her work is astonishingly complex."- Children's Literature

From the publisher:

Pierre searches for the secret hiding places that might shelter North America's legendary black bear. But that's not an easy task in this swamp, where blossoms and trees, shown in magnificent cut-paper illustrations, create perfect camouflage.

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