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Who Wakes Rooster?

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Written by Clare Hodgson Meeker Published by Simon & Schuster, 1996
  • *Book of the Year! Bank Street College Child Study Children's Book Committee
  • *The New Yorker Recommended Reading List!
  • *Texas Reading Club Book List!

From the reviewers:

"Halsey's illustrations look like cut-outs, staged and photographed, that also reveal themselves as trompe l'oeil marvels."- Kirkus Reviews

From the publisher:

Rooster wakes everyone, but what if Rooster doesn't wake up? Clare Hodgson Meeker weaves a warm story around the fact that roosters rise in response to the sun's light. And Megan Halsey's stunning three-dimensional artwork beautifully captures both the peace of the sleeping farm and its bustling activity after rooster's cry.

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