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Written by Patricia Hubbell (illustrated with Sean Addy) Published by Marshall Cavendish, 2006

From The Reviewers:

"The imaginative artwork is the real winner blends many different 'clip art' advertising art styles from the fifties and sixties effectively, pasting these images onto bright backgrounds and rich textures. It is also filled with visual puns... It is an overall good read-aloud that is sure to be enjoyed again and again." -Children's Literature
"The pit crew of Hubbell, Halsey and Addy continue their successful series of preschool books about vehicles with this high-octane look at cars....the inventive collages of Cars-retrofitted with a 50s ambiance-fuel the clipped, energetic verses. The diverse typography and page-design help propel this winner past the finish line." -Kirkus Reviews

From the publisher:

Following the success of Trucks: Whizz! Zoom! Rumble! and Trains: Steaming! Pulling! Huffing! PATRICIA HUBBELL introduces the third installment to her popular series featuring "things that go!" SEAN ADDY and MEGAN HALSEY portray a variety of cars using vibrant clip art, etchings, and original drawings, making this a perfect gift for children who love things that go! All kinds of cars, from sedans to SUVs to station wagons, take people here, there, and everywhere.

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