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Written by Patricia Hubbell Published by Marshall Cavendish, 2009

*Starred Review- Booklist

From the reviewers:
"The trio who has already taken on trains and planes now turns to boats with wonderful, whimsical results. The fun part comes in the way the design and the mixed-media art-original drawings, vintage clip art, cartoons, and historical-style paintings-come together. With so much to see, boat lovers will want to look at this more than once, and their parents will be happy to oblige with another reading." -Booklist

Halsey and Addy again provide lively mixed-media artwork. The nautical theme is played up well, with several pictures framed by portholes or ship's wheels. This title will appeal to young vehicle fans." -School Library Journal

From the publisher:
Patricia Hubbell introduces the fifth installment to her popular series featuring "things that go!" Sean Addy and Megan Halsey portray a variety of boats using vibrant clip art, etchings, and original drawings. What a perfect gift for anyone who loves sailing the ocean blue!

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